Eyelash Lifting

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Eyelash lifting

A lash lifting is the trendiest beauty service owing to its simplicity and the beauty that it brings to your face.  It renders a more open eye-look. You will get instant results and depending on the products and precautions taken, it will last from 8 to 10 weeks. In addition, you can easily wear eye makeup after a lash lift treatment. 

During the process of eyelash lifting  only the upper lash will be curled. In order to ensure that upper and lower lashes are not accidentally curled, a protective barrier is placed on the lower lashes directly at the waterline. In the next step, the area is cleansed to remove any kind of dirt, oil, makeup or lotion that would decrease the quality of the treatment. Then an eyelash glue will be swiped onto your lids and a gel roller will be applied. The size of the curl will depend on the size of the roller. For 10-15 minutes a curling solution will also be applied from the roots. Later on the lashes will be detached from the roller and the area is cleansed.  

There will be an improvement in the eyelash volume and you will have a more vibrant look for the eyes. 

Love Eyebrows in Australia have professionals in the field with proven experience.  We ensure that safe products are used. Contact us, if you are interested in having more open eyes and desire to have a youthful experience.

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Our Prices

Lash lift$80.00
Eyelash tint & Lash lift (Combo)$90.00