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About Us

Good Looks Reflects Your Story

LoveEyeBrows is a beauty salon that delivers quality work. Our primary motive is to make your visit pleasurable and render the service upto your expectations. Today, everyone likes to maintain and care for their face. This is even essential for a younger and radiant skin. Besides, it helps in improving self-esteem. Therefore, we ensure that you are given a perfect look, since it is eventually going to represent you to the outer world. 

Here at LoveEyeBrows in Australia, the hired beauticians are highly-professional and skilled enough to provide you satisfactory results. Be it the dirt or dead skin that is tarnishing your beauty. We know exactly how to nourish and moisturize to make your skin baby soft, appealing and clear. We suggest treating yourself with the beauty salon at least once a month because you deserve the best beauty care and a glowing skin. 

Our Services

Our endeavor is to deliver quality services at reasonable prices.


We shape the eyebrows with stunning precision while ensuring minimal pain. Trained professionals are quick so it will consume your least time. We also ensure you the process takes place in the safest way possible.

Eyebrow Tinting

We skillfully manipulate the brow area by darkening the fine hairs that surround the perimeter of the brow to increase the width. It lasts for three to eight weeks depending on the type of dye used, how hard you scrub your face, type of makeup remover, and sun exposure. 


Our specially trained esthetician ensures that your skin looks younger than ever. Your skin is thoroughly cleansed, exfoliated, and nourished while promoting a clear, and well-hydrated complexion.


We can help you in hiding your unwanted hair and giving your face an instant glow. In order to deliver the best results, we test the product on your arm before applying it to your face. Apart from this, to make it safer for the skin we prefer bleaching at a moderate rate. 


Our professionals know exactly how to handle each step precisely. Besides, we use soft body wax and hard body wax for different areas.  As the hairs are removed from the roots, you will have less regrowth in between the appointments. 

Eyelash Lifting

Lash lifting is an amazing and simplest way to change your look. It is a quick process that will make your eyes look instantly brighter and more open. Just think of making yourself more youthful and awake with this treatment. 

We Help You In Improving Your Selfies

Love EyeBrows started in 2015, with an aim to provide the best of services.  Our qualified professionals are knowledgeable, fastidious, and passionate about their work. This enables them to deliver quality work. Also, they make sure that nearly all the washable equipment is cleaned thoroughly. Thus safety is one of the priorities. We are one of the preferred choices of many people due to;

  • Affordable Services 
  • Amiable yet skilled staff
  • Pleasurable Experience 

Glow Differently With Our Branded Beauty Products

Beauty is much more than just looks. It is the way you feel about yourself. One of the best ways to show self-care is by using and buying different beauty products. This brings true joy to your life, by helping your skin to look the best it can. 

For this reason, we have an array of products available online to help you feel confident and make you ready to take on the world. We suggest you enjoy a varied mix of products and we have everything that comes in your budget brands. 


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